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When families need to use child care, it is important that their children are enrolled in the highest quality care possible. Children who have spent time in high quality child care environments have lasting benefits from the experience. Research indicates that children who receive a high quality early childhood education have better math, language and social skills as they enter school, and as they grow older require less special education, progress further in school, have fewer interactions with the justice system and have higher earnings as adults (Barnett, 1995).

  • ANCC is committed to providing high-quality, personalized childcare for your child.

  • We participate in the State of Arizona's 'Quality First Program', a signature program of First Things First – which partners with child care and preschool providers across Arizona to improve the quality of early learning for kids birth to 5 and helps parents and families make more informed decisions when choosing a provider to meet their needs. Learn more about 'Quality First' at

  • Our staff is certified in Early Childhood education, and has 33+ years of experience providing quality childcare.

  • We feature English/Mandarin immersion training; Mandarin is the second largest language in the world and spoken by 955 million people around the world.

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