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Pastor Joe Skok was ordained on July 18th 2005 at which time he began the process of founding God’s church “All Nations Christ Church”. The process of Pastor Joe submitting to his calling was a long process (53 years) as he continued to deny his calling even though people were constantly encouraging him to become a pastor.

In 2005 he finally submitted to God’s will and not his own, finished his training and was ordained.  Since this time he has been working to grow God’s church in an ever changing world starting alone in his journey. He states God told him not to take anyone from his previous church ministries with him to build this church.

Pastor Joe has been facilitating recovery ministries in different churches for many years, building a large ministry in each case as God called him to new areas of work. It was very tempting for him to go back and ask people he worked with to join him in his new calling. He refrains from doing so as he believes that you do not take people away from their present church if they are being fed and are happily involved there. He does leave an open invitation to anyone who is being denied an opportunity to answer their calling in their church to come and answer their calling with ANCC’s support and leadership guidance.

To date, ANCC is supporting a church in South Africa as well as home churches in China. ANCC was able to bless Pastor Bill Hutson and his congregation this past year by paying for their year’s rent on the church in South Africa. Pastor Joe hopes to visit them in the next year and anyone who is called to missions is invited to meet with Pastor Joe to discuss their calling. Pastor Bill has agreed to teach anyone who Pastor Joe sends to him for missions training in South Africa.

The church there is made up of over 150 people with a very high percentage of orphans through the loss of one or both parents to HIV and/or abandonment. This work is very important to the lives of these young children as they are fed and cared for physically, medically, educationally and spiritually. We are supporting young people financially in attending university so they can better themselves and their families for the first time in their family’s history.

Pastor Joe is also working on writing a book which he hopes will be published soon. His wish is that it would be inspirational as well as life changing to all who read it. All the proceeds from the book would be used to build ANCC to reach and help more people in our communities all around the world.

If you have a calling and would like someone’s support and encouragement in reaching your potential in serving God, Pastor Joe is here for you and he invites you to come and talk with him about being a part of the ANCC vision and watch God work in your life.

God’s Blessing’s Upon You!
Joe Skok – Senior Pastor
All Nations Christ Church – ANCC

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