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Pastor Joe and his wife Min Liu’s (Licia) testimony is a powerful one to say the least. They truly were brought together by God after long preparation by Him prior to their coming together in life. How else could they meet each other on opposite sides of the world unless God had had the ultimate plan for them? They would be happy to share with you the wonderful story of their being blessed in their marriage so when you meet them, feel free to ask.

As wonderful as that story may be, they want to share another one about how God is working in their lives and how He is working through them to reach others who have had struggles as well in life. Pastor Joe is leading recovery ministries in his church, helping people receive the blessings of healing in their lives while raising up future facilitators to lead Christian 12 Step Groups in the church. He is also writing a book that he hopes will be received in the Christian communities as well as the secular, in helping people understand that they are not alone with their worldly struggles. He hopes to have it published sometime in 2010 and available for distribution. Proceeds will go to the building fund of the Home Church here in the valley.

Min Liu’s (Licia) testimony was recently published by the Chinese Christian Mission publication which goes out to the Chinese Christian Churches. If you read Chinese (it is not in English) you can contact them at their website and they will send you a copy of their publication.
Min Liu (Licia) is working very hard to grow the “All Nations Child Care” program in the church, building the Day Care in her home until a suitable building is brought to the church from God. She is not only providing the normal day care curriculum but she is also teaching the children the Mandarin Chinese Language, which they are very excited to learn. Licia has also been busy teaching high school students, Thunderbird University students as well as local business people who have business interest in China, and Mandarin Chinese. She recently returned from China from a 5 week mission trip in which she had one of her high school students go with her to experience China from Hong Kong to Beijing, witnessing to the local people while meeting with Christian home churches as well as State Churches. She accomplished much on her trip which she claims was a great success. She hopes to take more Christian students in the coming years on mission trips to China.
Pastor Joe and Min Liu (Licia) are also teaching Chinese children English over the website with their Chinese partner in Licia’s home town in China each weekend. This program is growing quickly as we are bonding with these young children ages 8 to 14 years of age. They really enjoy Pastor Joe’s teaching techniques and they express they are learning much more than the conventional way of learning in China. Praise the Lord for leading the way.

Pastor Joe and his Church also support their Associate Church in South Africa where a 150 plus congregation is growing. This church provides orphans with food, shelter, schooling and medical supplies as this area has a high HIV rate as well as high numbers of rape births which have left the children homeless and without parents. This is an outreach program ANCC supports with their financial and prayer support. Pastor Bill Hutson, who leads this ministry also provides the missionary training to anyone called to the missions field for ANCC as he has been working in South Africa now for almost 20 years. Like he says, come on down and get the real OJY (On the Job Training) of missionary work. You are welcome anytime! God bless Pastor Bill.
ANCC is also beginning a food box program here in the valley where we are buying food boxes for those who are in need. This is a new program that is taking off in a powerful way and people who are giving are feeling blessed by those who are receiving the gifts of food for their family. I am so thankful for my brother Aaron for bringing this idea to the church which is a testimony in how God is leading him at this time. Thank You Aaron.

Pastor Joe’s vision for ANCC is to become world wide, welcoming all to accept Jesus into their hearts and lives. God has put this vision on his heart and has given him the name “All Nations Christ Church” as a reminder of his calling to service for God’s children. It is his hope that others will come alongside him to build the ministry for God’s purpose to reach and help those in the world who are lost and broken, to lead them to Christ and begin the healing in their lives. God has a plan for each and every one of us if we will just invite Him into our lives and let him bless us.
If you would like to be part of my vision and would like to be blessed for making a difference in this world, please join me in worshipping God and seeking his calling in your life whatever it may be. If God has shown you your calling but you have been suffocated in other ministries, come and talk with me. If you know you’re supposed to be doing something for God but He hasn’t made it clear yet what that is, come and talk with me. If you just want to come and be with people who call each other brother and sister like a family who cares about each other, come and be part of this family church and feel the love of Christ in your life.

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